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Who We Are

The Rotary Club of Marble Falls is an organization of diverse professional and individual leaders coming together to create a measurable and sustainable impact within our local and international communities.  Over the next three years, the Rotary Club of Marble Falls will strive to build upon tradition; provide service to youth and elderly in our area, while assisting and responding to the critical and immediate needs of our community.

Why Become A Member

To change the world one small compassionate act at a time.  By becoming a partner your talent and commitment will allow the vision, principals, and foundation of our 70year history to continue to grow and increase our ability to change and enhance the lives and organizations we support.  
History of giving:

  • Kitchen for Boys and Girls Club of American – Marble Falls
  • Walk in Refrigerator and Freezer for The Helping Center of Marble Falls Food Bank    
  • Playground for Spicewood Elementary
  • Playscape for Highland Lakes Family Crisis Center
  • Highland Lakes Pregnancy Center – New Office
  • Huejutla, Mexico - Global Grant Primary Club for 4 Water Purification Stations
  • Los Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, Global Grant Primary Club – Provide ventilation and respiratory equipment to hospital in mountain region.
"I became a member initially for friendship and fellowship as well as to network.  I joined Rotary particularly instead of one of the other organizations in the community because Rotary is an organization of leaders and successful people who come together not only to provide humanitarian services and to advance goodwill and peace around the world, but also to help each other through education and personal development.  There is no other organization like it !!!! "
 Lorinda Peter

What Benefits Do You Get From Your Membership

The benefits of becoming a Rotarian with the Marble Falls Rotary Club are life changing.  Through your engagement and contributions, you will be part of an organization who truly lives by the Rotary Motto of Service Above Self. 
It will also:
  • Allow you to connect and fellowship with Community and Government Leaders is
  • Provide you with educational opportunities to expand your leadership and professional skills.
  • Connect with local businesses to increase your networking relationships.
  • Introduce you to a diverse group of friendly, community minded and service-oriented individuals.

What Is Expected Of Me

As a member of The Rotary Club of Marble Falls you will be asked to:
  • Attend weekly club meetings:  Each Thursday at 12:00 noon at River City Grill located at 700 1st Street, Marble Falls, TX 78654
  • Participate in service projects, fundraisers and other club events
  • Serve on one of the Club Service Committees
  • Pay dues and fees assessed semi-annually in January and July.  
    • Standard Membership:   This level is a single company/individual membership
      • Dues: $130.00 + Meeting Fee: $165.00 + RI Foundation (optional): $50.00 = $345.00                                                     
    • Corporate Membership:  This level will have a named primary member in addition to secondary member. If both members attend the same meeting the secondary member will pay full meal cost. 
      • Dues: $200.00 + Meeting Fee: $165.00 + RI Foundation (optional): $50.00 = $415.00  
    • Spouse/Family Membership: The spouse of a primary member can join and become an active recognized Rotarian.
      • Dues:  $100.oo + RI Foundation (optional): $50.00 = $150.00   -   If both members attend the same meeting the spouse will pay the full meal cost. 

How to Join

  1.  Attend a meeting.    This will be your first introduction to WHO we are, WHY we do what we do, and WHAT the mission of Rotary and the Marble Falls club exemplifies.
  2. Tell Us.   Express your interest to our Membership Chair who will give you an application for membership OR you can complete the form below and our chair will contact you to start the process.
  3. Proposal:  Our Membership Chair or a committee member will meet with you to go over the application process and answer any questions you may have about Rotary or our club.
  4. Vote:  After the short orientation, the Membership Committee will submit your application to our board and membership for a vote. 
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!    You are an official Rotarian and a valued member of The Rotary Club of Marble Falls.